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Online Radiology Second Opinion | X Ray, MRI, CT Second Opinion

What We Do?

We provide second opinion/report on your various radiology imaging studies like X Ray, CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Mammogram, Nuclear Scans etc.

radiology second opinion
Expert Opinion

Comprehensive and detailed reports prepared by exprt doctors. 

Affordable Fees

Obtain peace of mind at affordable rates without compromising on quality

Our Core Services

Radiology Second Opinion

Are you looking for a second opinion on your x ray study? We can help you.

We provide online/remote second interpretation and opinion for your CT studies. 

We provide online/offsite second interpretation and opinion for your MRIs.

Second interpretation and opinion of your mammogram.

Are you looking for a second read on your ultrasound studies? 

Reporting for all cardiac studies like EKG, Echocardiogram, TMT etc.

Second opinion for all dental studies like dental x ray, OPG, CBCT etc.

We offer second opinion for different nuclear medicine modalities.

Our Doctors

Dedicated Team Of Radiologits, Cardiologists, Dental Radiologists And Nuclear Medicine Specialists From Across The Globe.

Looking for radiology second opinion?

Expert and Comprehensive radiology second opinions help you to take informed decisions and attain peace of mind. 

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